Road Dog’s New Camper the “Road House”

So here we are in a brand new year and ready to do it all over again.  First of all we would like to thank all of our wonderful customers who joined the Road Dog family this last year welcome all who are about to come aboard.

This particular issue is about our new 2 person camper.  The Road House!  We are especially excited about this new trailer because we have been evaluating designs for the last 2-3 years and finally have something that we think a lot of people will enjoy.   So take a look and let us know what you think….

There is one common truth when it comes to pulling a small camping trailer (regardless of brand)  behind your motorcycle or small car.  If you are not camping you are not using it. It is that simple.  It is tough to run errands or go golfing if you have a camper behind you.  Sometimes you need just the trailer and its abilities, minus the camper.  So here is what we have done….

This is the Road House trailer in its “Trailer” mode.  It features all aluminum construction and is very Simple, low profile and lightweight with plenty of cargo space.   (Specs are   48″ Wide    21″ Tall and  60″ Long)


Now if you wanted to go camping and not just sleep in a tent but actually sleep off the ground and have space for your cargo as well…you could add the camping feature as needed…..

Now that you have your camping unit installed…in roughly 15 seconds…you are                                  ready to camp….just drop the leveling legs and set it up….  This process takes only                              a minute or two…











Now you are ready to camp….Interior dimensions are 7 feet long and 56 wide…more than enough for a full size air mattress if you prefer. The Road House also features entrance and exits on both ends for easy in and out.  The unit is completely self supporting…NO STAKES…NO POLES AND NO STRINGS…..and you still have access to your cargo at all times….whether your camper is set up or not….

Here is a shot of the interior……..

The main advantage this camper has over any other is its versatility!  you can go camping or you can just use the trailer. It has ample sleeping quarters and weighs less than 300l lbs.  The low profile design keeps it straight and stable and lets you go anywhere and anyplace in style.

Now when you are done camping just pull two pins and remove the camper and go ahead and enjoy your Road Dog for any purpose you desire…

Thanks again for taking a look at the new Road House…..It will be on the website soon and be          available for shipping in Late March.

Let me know what you think or go to to see our full  line             of touring trailers.  We are adding models all the time so stay tuned.



Thanks again,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Karl Road Dog Trailers.



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