The New “K9 Caddy”

Here is the second in a series of three Pet haulers from Road Dog.  Forgive me for the rough pictures but I get a lot of pressure from folks who want to see what it looks like.

This is the K9 Caddy.  This particular model is for larger dogs (up to 80 lbs)  It has some pretty unique features that make it a good choice for those who cannot travel without there best friend.

Side slider windows and an adjustable top hatch.

The top hatch is a ocean rated Bomar marine hatch that is water tight and adjustable from the closed position to a windshield position or any     where in between.   The side slider windows open up to 2 inches and have screens that are removable.

The K9 also features LED lighting, polished aluminum lower unit, aluminum wheels and a cooler rack as standard equipment.

Custom Aluminum wheels and Polished stainless fenders.

Our Road Dog suspension is great for pet haulers because of  its superior performance characteristics.  The Torsion arm is so responsive it allows the suspension to absorb a good amount of shock with minimal cargo movement.

Polished Aluminum lower unit.

The polished lower unit adds looks and visibility to this trailer.  When the lid is up it shows a dual cargo area so you can haul a Dog and cargo or if you wish you can fold down the divider and use it for all dog or all cargo.

Side slider windows allow more visibility and greater ventilation.


Dual storage area for dog and Cargo.


Rear View of K9 Caddy

The K9 is available in Black as seen here or in white ( most popular)  Thanks for looking, more pics on the way….                                                                  Karl


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